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            Did You Know...
                  That "Us Humans" are more " Microbe than Mammal ".
                  That for every 1 Human Cell in our Body, there are 10 Microbe Cells.
                  That our GUT MicroBiome is a Flora Garden that must be Carefully Tended.
                  That our GUT " Bugs" are the KEY to a Grand Unified Theory of Diet, Health &                   Chronic Disease.

           “All Disease Begins .....
               from the GUT”.
      Hippocrates said this more than 2,000 Years Ago, but
      We are only now coming to Understand just how right
      he was. Research over the past Decades has
      Revealed that Gut Health is Critical to Overall Physical
      and Psychological Health, and that an UnHealthy Gut
contributes to a wide range of Diseases including Diabetes, Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Autism, Spectrum DisOrder, Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In fact, many Researchers believe that Supporting Intestinal Health and restoring the Integrity of the Gut Barrier will be one of the most Important Goals of Medicine in the 21st Century.


Thus said, it is Imperative that You recognize that 75% of Your Immune system, and it's "Immune Functionality" resides in your Gut / Microbiome.


And, You understand the Importance of Gut Health for maintaining Overall Systemic Health.

And, that with your GUT Understanding, You wish to take Pro-Active Measures to ensure Gut Health & Balance.
   Our GUT MicroBiome is THE Center of our Physical & Mental Health Universe, and its Disruption can often Lead Down a Slippery Slope Path of Multi-Diseases and compromised Quality of Life.  
     Here are just a few of the Health Roles that our GUT’s Play in Keeping Us
  • Manufacture B Vitamins and Vitamin K
  • Keeps our Bowel Wall Healthy against Leaky Gut Porosity.
  • Prevents Infection.
  • Breaks Down Toxins
  • Promotes Endocrine & Immune Health
  • Regulates Bowel Movements
    Today's Modern LifeStyle Choices often Directly Contribute to an UnHealthy
           GUT Flora.
    • Antibiotics and other Medications such as Birth Control & NSAIDs.
    • Diets High in refined Carbohydrates, Sugar & Processed Foods.
    • Diets Low in Fermentable Fibers.
    • Dietary Toxins like Wheat & Industrial Seed Oils that can cause Leaky Gut.
    • Chronic Stress
    • Chronic Infections
      Antibiotics are particularly Harmful to the Gut Flora.
             Recent Studies have shown that Antibiotic Use causes a Profound and Rapid
             Loss of Diversity and a Shift in the Composition of the Gut Flora.
             It is Important to Note, that this Beneficial Flora Diversity will not Recover after
             Antibiotic Use UnLess Pro-Active / Probiotic Intervention.

             May we suggest .. HONEY plus TUMMY ?

  Are You are experiencing a consistent Sequence of Ill Health Issues ?

   Are You presently Fighting One Health Issue after Anotehr. And are Not Able

            to Shake It ? 

   Do You Suspect that your GUT's MicroBiome Flora is UnBalanced /

            UnHealthy and causing You Stomach / G.I. Discomfort ?

  Are You / Have You been taking Antibiotics / NSAIDs / Prednisone /

         Acid-suppressing Drugs or a Heavy Medicine Protocol ??

         Do You wish to Support your GUT's MicroBiome with Beneficial Prebiotic & Probiotic          Supplements ?   
   Are You experiencing Diarrhea or Constipation, perhaps associated with Antibiotic /
            Heavy Pharma Use.

   Are You feeling Bloated and/or have Excessive Gas / Flatulence ?


   Do you Travel and wish to mitigate possibility of Traveler's Diarrhea ?


   Are You are under High / Persistent Stress ?

           Is it beginning to cause You Health & G.I. Issues ?
   Do You recognize that with the Health Corner Stones of a Nutritious Diet /
           Plenty of Exercise / Plenty of Sleep and a Lot of T.L.C., that You ( along with
           Mother Nature's Help ), have What it takes to Fight Off Much of What Life Throws
           at You EveryDay.
           But, You also recognize that Sometimes, Forces beyond Your & Mother Nature's
           Control come into Play, adversely affecting Your Health Status.
           That when this Happens, You & Mother Nature can perhaps use a little "Extra
           GOOy Tummy Help", especially when it comes to Supporting & Balancing Your
           GUT's MicroBiome / Health & Balance.
         Do You recognize that Antibiotics are Critical to Fighting Infection caused by Bacteria.

                  But You also recognize, that Antibiotics are Broad Spectrum in their Infection Fighting                   Focus. That Antibiotics not only Kill their intended / Targeted "Bad Bugs" , but also, as                   Collateral Damage, the "Good / Beneficial Flora / Bugs" that reside in your GUT.

                  That Antibiotics virtually decimate your GUT's critical beneficial MicroBiome, crippling it from

                   performing the critical GUT Health Role that it has been designed to perform for You.
             You further recognize that unless Your GUT is Pro-Actively "Re-Populated" with                        beneficial "Good Bugs" ala Probiotics / GOOy Tummy, that it will become Dominated by
                           opportunistic Pathogenic "Bad Bugs".
                         Which not only compromise daily Food BreakDown and Nutrient Absorption, but over time,
                         will erode the Integrity of the GUT Lining itself e.e. Leaky Gut. Which allows "Stomach Stuff"
                         to pass into the Blood Stream, which is then immediately recognized and Attacked as
                         "the Enemy" by your Immune System, setting into Motion a Slippery Slope of Chronic Health
                        Issues and compromised Quality of Life.
          Do You recognize that the GUT is often called your "Second Brain".

                   That essentially, your GUT has a Mind of its Own Over your Cranial Brain

                   That Nerve Cells in our GUT act as a Brain. This "Second Brain" controls our

                   GUT's Functionality all by itself.

                  Do You recognize that the GUT is Psycho-Active.

                           That it's Health or UnHealthy Status, Directly influences your Psychological Status.

                  Do You recognize that the MicroBiome of the GUT is greatly influenced by Diet.

                             That it is Important to keep a "Good Bug" Balance, which in turn keep the Bad Bugs At Bay.

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